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Create and manage your own zoo in the first installment of the hit Tycoon series

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Zoo Tycoon Demo
Zoo Tycoon 2014

Design your own zoo, operating it to make a profit while keeping guests happy.

The game begins by selecting the type of land that you want to use for your zoo. Examples include a desert, green grass and a combination of terrain that you will need to landscape before setting up your exhibits. You can create your exhibits using a variety of materials, such as metal fences or wooden fences, water and special types of grass for the animals to enjoy. There is information given about the kind of terrain and the features that you need inside the exhibit to make each animal happy. You need to make sure the exhibit is sufficient for your animals before putting them inside. You also need to hire zoo staff who can feed and care for the animals before you complete your exhibits. Once you have all of the animals in place or at least a few animals, you can open the park.

Create pathways so that guests will know where to walk. Place benches, fountains and other decorations in the zoo that guests can enjoy. As you add more items to the zoo, you can increase the price of admission so that you make more money. As you reach certain milestones, more animals, buildings, and decorations are added to the options that you have for designing your zoo. There are different categories of animals, buildings, and decorations, such as safari or aquatic themes. The restaurants and gift shops follow along with these themes as well as the statues and fountains that you can place in the zoo. These themes allow you to block off certain areas where only those types of animals live. You can hire staff to clean up the zoo and staff to provide entertainment. The graphics of the zoo are decent, but the sounds make the zoo sounds realistic.


  • Designs are limitless
  • Care for baby animals until they grow to adults
  • Sounds are fun to listen to


  • Very time consuming
  • Colors and details could be improved

Build your own zoo with various animals and buildings.

This is an interactive game where you can build your own zoo. You will begin by choosing the kind of ground you want in the zoo as well as the size. There are several layouts from which to choose. You will also choose how much money you start with. Larger amounts make the game easier. When you enter your zoo, you will see an expanse of land with a few walkways. Your goal is to make a zoo that brings in money and satisfies guests.

Choose one animal that you want to place in the zoo. There is a long list of animals to start with, and as you complete challenges and take care of the animals, you will have access to others. When you unlock more animals, you will also unlock more decorations and buildings. It is best to start in one area of the zoo and expand across the rest of the land. Animals that you can choose from include tigers, lions, chimpanzees and zebras. These are all the classic animals that you would see in a real zoo. You have to create the habitat so that the animals are happy. This means you will have to add the right foliage, any rocks that they like and grass that the animals enjoy. You can check the level of happiness by clicking on one of the animals in the exhibit. Male and females animals will mate to produce babies. Hire zookeepers and janitors to keep the zoo running smoothly. Add areas where guests can eat, as well as bathrooms and gift shops. You can also add decorations like fountains and statues.


  • Hours of enjoyment
  • Realistic sounds
  • Care for the animals as if they were real


  • Needs a wider selection of buildings
  • Can be difficult for workers to get to animals
  • Graphics need further improvements

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